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Ryan Shupe has a crossover style that is fresh and unlike any other.  He and his band put on a great show that is unique, creative, and entertaining.  Playing a wide range of instruments and musical styles, the band appeals to  rockers, fans of bluegrass and jam bands across a broad age range.  Stellar musicianship, witty lyrics, sing-alongs, and introspective ballads take the audience on a highly energized rollercoaster.  With amazing and versatile musicians, Shupe’s original songs are highlighted with hot instrumental solos and tight vocal harmonies. Thoughtful lyrics, rapid-fire vocals, dynamic musicianship and hard driving arrangements make the live show a sure-fire winner!

Outreach / Education / Workshop Bio:

     Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand has participated in many educational, workshop and outreach programs.  The band plays a wide range of instruments including the violin, acoustic and electric guitar mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, upright and electric bass, , drums, and percussion.

     While most of these instruments are related to traditional bluegrass music, the band presents how they can be used to create other types of musical styles, including Rock, Jazz, Folk, Reggae, Pop, and Latin.  The program kicks off with a few energetic songs followed by a discussion and Q&A session with the audience.  Songwriting, arranging, and stage performance concepts are all discussed.

     Also presented is the origin of each instrument, what they sound like, and how they are used in the context of various musical styles.  The band is very personable and interacts very well with younger audiences by incorporating sing along songs, good natured humor and some funny stage antics.

     The band has sheet music for an orchestra and a choir to perform “Dream Big” and “Lift Me Up” with the band during their performance.  This is a good way to get students and local community members involved.


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